Fake Fame online and faking to be famous to hopefully attract more fans has been around way before the invention of fake Twitter Followers. In fact it was already around way before Twitter itself was born.

Once upon a time, when Myspace was a king in the social media kingdom, people realized very quickly that the more plays that would appear on their Myspace music player, the more credible they would appear as a band. As opposed to Fake Followers where multiple email addresses and accounts are needed, Myspace plays were very very easy to fake: only hit the refresh button on your browser and ta dam!

But this method was pretty time consuming and people were only perseverant enough to do this a few thousand times. What if you want to appear like a famous online star and have millions of plays?

Here comes the fantastic world of software automation. Multiple programmers programmed automated robot softwares (commonly called ‘bot’) to auto-click on the MYspace MP3 players and auto-refresh the page on your browsers. The most famous version of such software was called “MP3 song plays” and could be purchased online for the cheap price of $29.95.

Such automated softwares, or ‘bots’ also help the delivery of fake Twitter followers, but also fake Facebook likes, Youtube views, Instagram Followers, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. etc. If you can have fans on any given social media platform, you can fake them as well!

The difference with twitter followers is that these softwares need to be way more complicated and intelligent,; they need to automatically create and verify email accounts, then twitter accounts, and change IP addresses to look like they accounts are being created from a different location every time. They also need to be able to solve captchas

The best thing about online security on social networks, is that it is an ever changing game. So If you have a twitter followers software that works today, it will most likely become obsolete in a few weeks when Twitter make updates to their security management systems. This is why no public bots can be bought anymore, because these bots could only get fake Twitter followers for you for a short amount of time. (Well there are still some money hungry people out there that will sell you Twitter automated softwares for hundreds or even thousands or dollars, and won’t tell you that this software will most likely work only a few weeks before the next update…) Only smart programmers that can keep up with those monthly Twitter updates can keep on delivering fake followers month after month.

And let’s not forget to mention that these programmers all make 6 figure yearly incomes…. it pays off to make people fake famous!