Who Buys Fake Followers To Appear Fake Famous? Everyone.

Businesses, Hollywood superstars and even the president know that to buy and get fake twitter followers is an extremely effective marketing technique. It as become an industry standard for good reasons. Buy fake Twitter Followers now to remain competitive and look more credible.

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Fake famous people who buy fake Twitter followers

President Obama – 13 million out of his 19 million fans were purchased! 31% of  his following is fake and another 40% is inactive. Good way to convince the population that he his more likeable than his competitors. Smart.

Lady Gaga – 71% fake, that is a lot of people: 20 million out of her 29 million twitter fans. Remember that she was the first twitter user to reach 20 Million followers and this status has created enormous hype around the planet, making her ‘the most famous person on Twitter. Good marketing isn’t it?

Justin Bieber – The teen pop sensation not only fake to be popular by buying over 19 million fake ones, but he also increased his Youtube views by over 50 million. Did his social media marketing strategy worked? Hell yeah!

Katy Perry – 74% fake. Over 20 million purchased fans!

Twitter itself! – Yes, Twitter has got 33% fake followers on their own Twitter account

Facebook – 44% Yes, even Facebook, one of the largest and most wealthy corporations of our time realized that faking their fame was a very smart business strategy.

Google and Youtube – Yes, 33% as well.


Why would anyone want to be fake famous?

The concept of Fake Fame is strange… isn’t real fame more attractive? Well in the fast-paced world we live in, people only care about celebrities once they are famous, no one will be there to hold your hand and help you on the way to fame. You are a wannabe until you made it, until you are actually famous.

Fake popularity has become an industry standard. Like this old business saying: “Fake it until you make it”.

What if people that buy fake twitter followers get busted? Well these days they actually all do, but they get busted months or years later, which is way enough time to attract millions of real followers. Let’s take lady Gaga, she has 20 000 000 fake followers and 9 000 000 real ones. Well 9 million is pretty good. Her fans might have been mad at her in July 2012 when the fake followers secret surfaced, but they got over it and 9 million real people like her anyway.

We should all learn from the Lady Gaga example. To be fake famous on social media we HAVE to buy fake Twitter followers, Youtube views, Facebook likes or Instagram Followers until the ball gets rolling.


How Long have Fake Famous people been around?

The concept of being fake popular has been around for decades, if not centuries. Advertising is a very subjective sneaky way of convincing the population that a person, brand of product is famous by repeatedly exposing the population of a city, a country or the world to promotional images or videos that exposed the real or fake benefits of the person, brand or product. False advertising and non-truthful press releases have been helping to increase sales since decades. Playing with words is a must when promoting something or someone, it doesn’t have to be pure lies, but partially hiding the truth goes a long way when it comes to convincing people to like you in real life or online, or follow you on Twitter.

Let’s take an example from the company Amazon. After the 2012 Christmas holiday sales, they sent out a press release declaring that “Amazon has break through a never seen before record in Kindle Sales” When a journalist asked Amazon what were concrete the sales figures in numbers, he received this vague answer: “Kindle sales have been 4 times better than in 2011”. Vague isn’t it? So the journalist asked them what were the figures in 2011, and received this reply:
2011 sales were double of what we sold in 2010″…

This is a perfect example of fake fame. Even coming from an already popular and  famous company such as Amazon. Faking that the Kindle sales blew through the roof will most likely get people more interested in those, and most likely generate more sales in the end.

Lady Gaga used the exact same fake marketing strategy in 2012, using headlines like “Lady Gaga is the first Twitter User to reach 30 Million Followers!” How impressive! That definitely got the entire world talking about her and printing this great news story on thousands of magazines worldwide. It’s only months later that we realized that more than two third of her followers were fake; she agreed that her record company buy fake twitter followers on her behalf.

The lesson of both stories above is that making yourself appear more famous than you actually are is a tried and true marketing strategy that not only celebrities and musicians use, but also multimillion dollar companies. It has been around for decades and is a crucial part of convincing the general public that you are successful, and getting their attention in life, in the media, online and on Twitter.


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