Fake Popular on Twitter: Is it wrong?

The controversial subject of faking popularity online is an endless debate in itself which seems to have as much supporters on the ‘for’ and ‘against’ sides. Millions of people out there do not mind being fake popular at all. They are even willing to pay for it. Other consider it as an online crime and spend countless hours complaining about this practice on social media marketing blogs and forums.

Here is the question: Is manipulating your following by buying fake followers right or wrong? Is it ethical or unethical? The most common buyers of fake fame online can be divided into two main categories:

Category 1: Creative people (artists, musicians, bands, photographers writers, fashion bloggers, athletes etc.)

These creative people are desperate to make a statement with their art and become popular on various social network platforms. Most of them are not business oriented people and do not see the big picture. They do not understand that a brand, product or person needs to be built and promoted through various forms of marketing, both online via social media and offline via physical advertising campaigns and media releases. A lo of creative people think that the only thing needed to gain fame is talent and for most of them, paying to be fake famous would is considered cheating or being dishonest towards their artsy fans and followers. Now the minority of them would actually understand the marketing side of it and be willing to pay to get fake twitter followers to get the ball rolling and look more credible, but they would keep it secret to not offend their fellow artists and not be judged as cheaters as well.

Category 2: Entepreneurs, Businesses and Companies

These guys are in it for the money. They understand that having zero followers on their Twitter account shows their new potential customers that their business is a startup. No one wants to risk their money doing business with a new company, everyone would rather deal with an established company that built their name and reputation. The good old business saying “Fake it til you make it” is pretty self-explanatory in this situation.

Paying to be fake popular on Twitter and having buying followers that will fake follow their account makes complete sense to them, this would have for effect to make heir brand look more established and gain trust from their new potential customers, increasing their brand credibility and most likely increasing their conversion rates. They not only buy fake twitter followers but would also do it on Facebook and Youtube, creating a whole marketing campaign of fake popularity which, if used in moderation and in conjunction with classic marketing methods, would definitely help increase their revenues.
Fake Popular ethical or not? It is not false advertising like many companies do to sell their product: make up some benefits for their product backed up by actors in a lab suit that pretend to be doctors, and pretty much telling lies to their customers to make more money. Boosting a little number on your page doesn’t hurt anyone.

In conclusion, it’s totally up to you whether you want to kick start your Twitter fame by faking it.If you do, increasing your numbers is just the beginning; proper social marketing efforts to engage your followers and original content is what really matters in the end to attract thousands of real people to follow your Twitter account.