Twitter. That is one word that is all over the medias every single day of our lives. We hear it on the radio, read it in magazines, see it on TV, in google search results, on our favorite rockstar fanpage. Twitter has become so popular that some celebrities get paid up to $10 000 just to write a sentence or two, advertising a brand to their millions of followers. But where, when and how did it all started?

Once upon a time, in March 2006

Jack Dorsey, now billionaire, had a really simple idea in March 2006. This idea consisted of creating a micro-blogging platform where users could exchange little pieces of information, kinda of like status updates, with 140 characters max. It is this simple concept that makes Twitter so simple and likeable. Straight to the point. These days we all live in such a fast paced society that we don’t have time to read those long opinionated 1200 words articles online. Twitter’s concept was kind of an online SMS system. Quick easy, user friendly. According to the dictionary it means “A series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds.” Jack could not find a better name to represent this online concept.

4 months after coming up with the idea, Jack Dorsey launched Twitter in July 2006. This concept has boomed exponentially since then, and became one of the 10 most visited website in the entire internet. Over 500 000 000 users, over 1 600 000 search queries every single day.

Growth over time: Tweets per day

2007 – 5000 tweets posted per day

2008 – over 1 million tweets posted per day

2010 – 65 million tweets per day

2011 – 140 million tweets posted per day, that’s over 1500 tweets posted per second!

Who Knew People could Get Fake Twitter Followers

Soon after it’s launch, the concept also attracted entrepreneurs that would sell fake fame to Twitter users that wanted to be fake popular. Those entrepreneurs realized that all you need to register a new Twitter account is to have a free email address from Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo etc… They started to create softwares that automatically created thousands of email addresses, then automatically registered thousands of Twitter accounts, Once they owned all these accounts, they started selling fake Twitter Followers to many users who wanted to appear more famous on the social media platform.

First Twitter user to reach 20 million followers

The first user to reach 20 Million followers was Lady Gaga in march 2012… little than all the media knew about her 13 million fake followers, which were revealed around July 2012 by medias worlwide, which revealed the fake twitter controversy to the entire world. Since then, the demand for fake followers has grown so much that about 200 000 people per month are looking for them on Google, according to Google Keyword tool. Everyone wants to take advantage of this quick-fix, affordable social network marketing strategy to increase their popularity online.


The Twitter logo has become famous as well; anyone can now recognize the light blue bird along with the tube-looking font that represents the company. Fun Fact, this bird actually has a name: Larry the bird. The original logo was used from 2006-2010 (without the bird), in 2010 Larry the bird was introduced, and Larry received a little cosmetic surgery (or Adobe redesign surgery) in 2012, aking it look even more bubbly and positive.


Surprisingly, only about 12% to 17% of Twitter users are teenagers. Slightly more woman use Twitter than men (53%). The largest demographic of people using this social media platform are adults, professionals, creative people. New York City has the most Twitter users, and Twitter is the most used social media platform in Japan.


The ease of use and membership price (free) of Twitter has gained millions of users, and maintaining a social media presence for your brand, business, art project or yourself has never been easier. Only 5 minutes per day and you can update thousands of your followers. Twitter will most likely grow even more every year and stay around fora decade or two, maybe more….