Fake Twitter followers have been around as long as Twitter itself has been around (2006). In fact the internet is filled with social media marketers that invent techniques to artificially grow your fan base on any social network so that they can resell fame and popularity to end users. These methods existed already when the first social media platform came out: Myspace.
Buying Fake Followers is a strategy that has been a well kept secret for a very long time, 6 years actually. Only social media experts and I.T. computer geeks knew about the existence of fake famous people on Twitter, and these people faking fame would sure keep the secret to themselves.

It is in August 2012 that a flurry of news reports exposed the practice of being fake popular to the world. Instead of keeping to himself that he bought fake followers, a New York Journalist wrote and published the controversial article named “Buying their way to Twitter fame”. talked about a Comedian who publicly admitted to buy fake Twitter Followers and exposed the well kept secret to the entire World for the first time by publishing this article in the world most famous media outlet: The New York Times.
This article has created a lot of buzz around the world and inspired thousands of other journalists to write bout the subject as well(even thought a similar article was written a year earlier in 2011).

It also multiplied by 4 the demand for fake followers online, according to Google keyword tool, and also attracted many many more entrepreneurs to sell these from their websites. What the New York Times’ journalist didn’t realize at the time is tat is article was supposed to reveal the controversial practice to the world, but it actually had the effect of making it more popular and more in demand. As well, the article’s was linking to 2 websites selling fake followers, and the search engine optimization power of those links sent those two followers sellers’ websites to the very top of Google, and they generated revenues of 50k-100k per month for the 6 months following the publishing on this article.

Slate magazine also published a world famous article in October 2012 named “I bought 27 000 Twitter Followers”, which did a could job at reaching all the people out there that still haven’t heard about fake fame on Twitter. The article was about a self-confessed journalist buying his followers as well. He also wrote another article, published by Slate Magazine as well a month later, that said that Twitter actually found out about his 27 000 fake followers and deleted them, bringing his following count back to normal. That is one example of why it is very important to only get fake Twitter followers from websites who offer a 100% retention guarantee. That means that if your follower count drops after a few weeks or months, the seller is willing to redeliver the lost followers free of charge.
As of today, Fake Twitter followers have become a standard for any person or business wanting to start out on Twitter. At prices starting at only $20, everyone can afford to kick start their followers and look more credible online.


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